Hello There, I am Ali Mete from Turkey. I think I am a game designer, I usually make games or something. I've been developing games since the age of eleven. I'm currently working on developing great games at Waker Games.

I don't really like to talk about myself, but if you want to contact me please feel free to do so, especially about new games, magical worlds or other cool stuff (I'm open to learn).

Game Designer
...mostly gamer.
I love working on stuff like Game Design Level Design Narrative Design and I've also taken role in Project Management. Here you can see some of the projects I've had the opportunity to contribute to and some personal-fun things I've been working on. If you're reading this article, you or I are most likely working on a new project. Feel free to message me about anything.
3... 2.. 1. Clean! (2023)
Game Design Level Design Project Management Game Jam

This game is a submission for IcoJam 2023. In order to effectively use our limited time, our primary priority was to polish the core game mechanics. I had a great time working on a project like this with my other game maker friends. "3... 2.. 1. Clean!", whilst not being one of my more sophisticated projects, it undoubtedly was a really effective way for me and our team to expand upon stuff like time management, coordination and brainstorming. On top of all that, being able to push out a finished product in such a limited time, and with such limited resources is most definitely quite a relieving and satisfying feeling.

  • UX Design
  • Level Decoration
  • Agile Design
  • Overall Managed & Published The Whole Product
Drift Till End (2023)
Game Design Level Design

For this drifting game; we had to keep the feelings of the player while drifting in climax and encourage the player to drift. In order to balance the tempo of the game, we designed the maps in the game to support the tempo and added a mission system to the game. Thanks to these missions, we gave the player the opportunity to create his own entertainment. In addition, we have added special billboards for each level in the game, thus increasing the variety of monetization and adding variety to the sections. The most important thing for us in this game was the feelings of the player while drifting. Not only does this play with all the components of the car to get a smoother gameplay. As in every game we used the camera as one of our strongest weapons

  • In-Game Economy Design
  • Quest Design
  • Monetization Design
  • Live-Ops Content Design
  • UX Design
  • Level Decoration
  • Overall Designed & Managed The Whole Product
Astroon Fall (2023)
Game Design Level Design Waker

For this game inspired by Fluffly Fall; we looked for ways to keep the players engaged with a simple mechanic. We experimented with various camera tricks to enhance the feeling of falling down in Astroon Fall. We focused on designing the tubes through which the players pass, making them simple enough not to confuse, while also ensuring they remained innovative enough to avoid monotony. Our entire art team collaborated to create visuals that complemented the mechanics seamlessly. Additionally, we introduced a 1v1 encounter, providing players with an online versus experience and carefully balanced the match results to ensure fair competition.

  • Multiplayer Design
  • Monetization Design
  • Monetization Design
  • Live-Ops Content Design
  • Updating Game With Integrated Levels
  • UX Design
  • Overall Designed The Whole Product
Gift Tower (2022)
Game Design Waker

We designed and published this game, inspired by the game Lumberman, in a very short time. In this game where we brought back the spirit of Christmas, it was our main priority to add various customization options on a minimal mechanic.

  • Agile Design
  • Christmas Spirit
SymbiNode (2022)
Game Design Narrative Design Game Jam

In this game inspired by Vampire Survivors, we tried to keep the mechanics as simple as possible and highlight the polishing phase in order to make the most of our 72-hour time. Adding a background story to the game was one of the best decisions we made. We also discovered that the player can bond with the main character Symbinode much more, thanks to the shapes that appear with the weapons that the player can attach to himself. Weapon variety was the highlight of the game, so we saw how important it was to cut back on other elements and focus on the right things.

  • Agile Design
  • Narrative Design
  • Character Design
  • Runner Up In HUJAM'22
Ghost Hunt: Ninja (2022)
Project Management Dropout Code

It was a clone of Prankster: Hide and shoot. During the development of our first 3D game project on Unity, I took it upon myself to create all the 3D models and animations. It was an exciting journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process, especially working alongside my friends. We faced challenges, learned new techniques, and celebrated our accomplishments together, making the entire experience even more memorable. This project not only enhanced my skills in 3D modeling and animation but also strengthened our bond as a team.

  • 3D Modelling/Animations
  • Contributed To Programming (Unity)
  • Overall Designed & Published The Whole Product
Hamburger Maker (2022)
Project Management Dropout Code

My close friend and I developed our first project with the intention of self-publishing. The process was filled with more fun and challenges than we could have imagined. Despite encountering numerous errors, we persisted and listed the project on the store successfully. This experience not only strengthened our bond but also ignited a sense of pride and inspired us to pursue more ambitious projects together in the future.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Overall Made & Published The Whole Product
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Game Design Documents

In general, I am making games all the time, and when I am not making games, I am designing and documenting the games that come to my mind. These games usually do not see the light of day because they are above my height or because they are not suitable for current trends. But it's not a big deal, I really like making these. We can always talk about these games, you can mail me.